Ryo Chikazawa

JavaScript Samurai

23 August 2015

Introducing Harmonide

When I got a talk, I am very lazy to prepare slides. I don't want to spend too much time on creating it. So no choice to open neither Keynote nor PowerPoint. What I wanted was a slide show framework that can be driven by Markdown. Then I found there...

30 January 2015

Deploy Rails app with browserify-rails to Heroku

I am building Rails 4.x app that runs on Heroku. And I recently added browserify-rails to the app then I got an error below while deploying it to Heroku. BrowserifyRails::BrowserifyError: browserify could not be found at /tmp/build_7afd0a3da809f3510421bfa4737d3bf8/./node_modules/.bin/browserify. Please run npm install. I've tried a lot of thing and finally found...

18 November 2014

Had a talk at geekcampsg 2014

I had a talk in geekcampsg 2014 last month. Geekcampsg is a yearly event for geeks and all talks are supposed to be related to any geeky stuff. I think there were about 200 - 300 attendees and talks had a lot of varieties from software to hardware. In my...

21 July 2014

Starting English blog

I'm Ryo Chikazawa, software engineer from Tokyo, Japan and currently based in Singapore. I write mainly JavaScript and also Ruby, sometimes Objective-C. My favorite editor is MacVim. I'm also a guitarist and a heavy metal lover. You can find me on Github, Twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. You can also email...